Instant monetization for every publisher

We have recently released a Self-Service Platform for Publishers, and now each webmaster with active high-quality traffic can maximize their profits. Even if you have a growing website, now you have access to the vast pool of our advertisers with exclusive offers and high rates worldwide.

What’s so cool about Adsterra:

    • High CPMs
    • Smart AI-based optimization tool analyzes your traffic and picks the most profitable offers that suit your audience for the effective website monetization
    • Minimum payment at Adsterra is $5 for ePayments, Webmoney & Paxum, $100 for other payment systems
    • Net15 payments: twice a month on fixed days
    • Advanced multi-stage system to protect our partners from inappropriate ads
    • In-house developed anti-Adblock solution for broadening your monetizable audience

Now, let’s explore the toolkit Adsterra provides to webmasters step by step.


Visit the registration page and fill in all the necessary fields.

Then you need to confirm your email, otherwise, you won’t be able to start working with us.

Let’s see what we have inside your account

The first tab is “Dashboard.” Here you can find all the necessary information about payment dates, holiday schedule and platform updates.

On the “Websites” tab, you can add your website and generate a code. Then you can easily implement our ad code into your website within minutes.

Here you can set up your ad preferences, desired ad unit and restrict ad types you don’t want to see on your website. Some categories may not be appropriate for sites with content for a younger audience, and if you are not sure about which category to choose, please, ask Support for advice.

Once you fill in the website form, you will see this message:

If your website meets our security requirements, you will get a confirmation email (normally takes up to 10 minutes):

When you tap the button in the email, you will find the generated code, and now you can add it to your website and start making profits.

Where to place a code:

    • For Popunders: paste the code into <head></head>.
    • For Banners (both display and native): place the code exactly where you want the banners to appear on your page.
    • For VAST: place the VAST code into your player (Your player must support VAST/VPAID ad format).
    • For Web Push ads: first, you need to upload the service worker file to your root directory and then place the Web Push ad tag into your page template into <head></head>.

Let’s see what ‘s going on in your account when you already have websites:

On the top of your dashboard you can find how much money you have on your account now:

Once you have started earning, in the “Statistics” tab, you can find the information about how much you have earned. Here you can sort out the statistics by country, domain (if you have more than one website), date, group by these parameters, and download CSV reports with statistics.

CPM rate is calculated by the system individually for each website and depends on traffic quality. It is based on many parameters: website visitors’ country, device, browser, OS, ad formats you use on your website and many others.

Sometimes, CPM might be higher on the first days, when our system is just getting to know your traffic. This is a totally normal and regular thing; the system needs 2-3 days for stabilization of your CPM rates.

In general, the top-performing ad format at Adsterra is Popunder. Still, we recommend testing all ad formats and their combination for higher CPM, you never know which ad format suits your audience best.

All payment details, terms and history are displayed on the “Payments” page. We pay Net15 on fixed days.

Minimum payment is $5 for ePayments, Webmoney & Paxum and $100 for other payment systems.

On the “Referrals” page, you can generate a unique code, share it with your friends and get an extra passive income: each partner who joined Adsterra via your referral link will add 5% of their profit to your income. Lifetime.

Adsterra Publishers API enables you to track your statistics using external trackers if you find it more convenient. You can generate your API token on the API page.

If you have any questions regarding your experience with Adsterra, you can read FAQ, and if you cannot find the answer there, file a Support ticket and our managers will gladly help.

Find out how to add Adsterra codes to your WordPress website in our blog.