Have you already tried out the new User Lifetime targeting option? It’s based on how long ago users subscribed to receive web push notifications. The new option offers you a clear picture of how a user interacts with the ads, so depending on your goals (higher/lower CTR, higher/lower traffic volume, your budget etc.) you can pick the audience with the perfect activity level.


We’ve analyzed users’ behavior and found out that those who have just subscribed are usually more active and more likely to click on ads, which, of course, results in high CTR. We’ve split subscribers to separate groups depending on their lifetime and activity.

If you aim for high CTR, you should pick the users that subscribed to web push notifications recently. If you need lower activity, but high conversions, pick the “older” subscribers.


You have 5 options to choose from: Top, High, Medium, Below Average and All.


The most active users. They have just subscribed and they are the most engaged as they are new to web push notifications. This group gives the highest CTR, but apparently, competition for this user group is the highest that is why you have to bid above average prices.

Perfect for testing offers with short conversion flow, such as mobile utilities or desktop games and others.



Also, very active users who have subscribed not long ago and still are not used to web push notifications. They click on ads quite often. Traffic volume is higher than for the Top group, the price is above average.

Use it for testing new creatives of such offers as installs, sweeps, SOI dating, e-commerce. When the campaign gives stable high CTR, you can scale it by using Medium User Activity group.



Optimal audience with average price and medium volume.

Good to use both for scaling a converting campaign and testing a new one. Recommended for all types of offers, but especially for e-commerce.


Below Average

These users are used to seeing web push ads. They have quite low activity and CTR. But once they click on ads they are more likely to make a conversion. Price is below average but the traffic volume is huge.

Best to use for CPM campaigns with low bid and clickable creative or for scaling the campaign with high CR. Good for offers with complicated conversion flow and for offers requiring high volume.



This group contains all available users, ranging from those who’ve joined the subscriber list today or yesterday to everyone on the list.

Best to use for expanding widely and to reduce price for a successful campaign.


NOTE: You can edit the target of the ongoing campaign. Go to My Campaigns → click on three dots on the right side of the ongoing campaign you want to edit → click Edit.


Picking the right audience is the key to a successful campaign. Knowing how different users interact with the ads, you can now pick the audience with the perfect activity level. User lifetime targeting will help you reach your goals much quicker.


Check out the new feature and create a new campaign with web push notifications using User lifetime targeting now!