Publisher’s Guide To Social Bar

Since the danger of losing profit due to one simple Google Chrome update has become way too real, all the industry is slowly adding the In-Page Push to the marketing strategy. 

What if we tell you we have more to offer? Great minds think alike, and surely our developers came up with the In-Page Push ad format as many others. But we have also gone ahead and made something more significant.

Please welcome Social Bar — a revolutionary ad format by Adsterra, that is displayed on publishers’ websites, natively encouraging users to interact. It doesn’t require any ad space and reveals unprecedented opportunities to monetize websites and increase eCPM.

Social Bar comes with 5 highly-engaging ad formats:

Chat Bar

A revolutionary ad format engages users into a chat before sending them to the advertiser’s offer page.
Thanks to the direct resemblance to a real chat, alluring creatives, and chat conversation scenarios, it’s top-level native and provides impressive CR.

In-Page Push

A highly demanded ad format. Visually similar to web push notifications, this ad type is placed directly on the publisher’s website, not sent from a browser. Thus, these ads don’t require any opt-ins or subscriptions.
The In-Page Push ads usually come with CTA buttons to lead a user to the advertiser’s offer.

Custom Banner

A next-gen format that enriches user experience with interactive elements like time counters and animations. These ads are highly visible and prompt revenue-generating actions. 
With Custom Banner, your website could become a perfect place for eCommerce offers.

Video Bar

This format captures user attention with high-quality video content. Video Bar can rotate movies and TV series trailers, commercial teasers, or webinars’ pre-rolls.
While being engaging, it doesn’t intrude on your website’s structure and content.

Survey Bar

Another top-notch ad format engages users into a small survey before sending them to the advertisers’ offer page.
Once again: extremely native, it captivates user attention, yet not interrupting user experience, which leads to an excellent conversion.

And now the best part : you don’t have to choose only one ad type.
Social Bar comes with all of the listed 

Our AI algorithm picks creatives with the best relevance to your traffic: for some GEOs and website categories, it might be a Chat Bar + In-Page Push mix, for others — just one ad type or all of them.

Our smart algorithm has constantly been developing since 2013, so you can imagine how much data it has analyzed, and you may rely on its decisions.

Summing up the perks of using Social Bar

🙌 Social Bar works on the publisher’s website; no user subscription required.
🌿 Native & non-disruptive, Social Bar elegantly fits your website interface and can quickly be closed.
♻️ All ad types are installed as one, so your audience meets various sorts of ads and doesn’t get bored.
💰 Social Bar alone can bring you profit equal to that from multiple ads.
💸 Higher CR drives higher CPMs.
🧬 The AI-powered optimization algorithm ensures your audience gets the most relevant creatives.
100% Google-compliant code.
⚡️ A one line of code that you can install in a minute.

Let's talk numbers: how much profit Social Bar brings

We had run numerous tests before launching this gem into the market. Based on data collected, we can surely state that this ad format is going to be a blockbuster.

A 30x higher CTR compared to web push notifications, which leads to higher CPMs for publishers, thanks to high visibility & intense user interaction.

We have also collected data from a group of trusted clients, who were the first to try. Check this out (click to enlarge):

How to install Social Bar on your website

You can install the Social Bar’s code in a minute. From your Dashboard (Websites tab) choose Add a new website. Or choose Add code to the website you already work with:

Note: remember, on this step, you can manage the offers and exclude some campaigns that you find not suitable for your website. Just keep in mind, that those changes might affect your CPM.

Your request will be processed in seconds, and you’ll be able to get a code for your website clicking at “Get code” next to the Social Bar placement.

Place this single line of code directly above “</body>” tag of your website code, and you’re ready to earn!

Go ahead and start making money with Social Bar NOW!