What to choose? Popunders vs Banners


The world of ad formats is vast and it is still growing. Popunder ads are relatively new while banners are as old online advertising itself.We have already talked about winning banner strategies. But today, let’s discuss two of these different but also popular ad formats, and define, what are the PROs and CONs for each, for you to be sure, what exactly do you need to use as an advertiser.

Let’s begin with popunders first. A popunder ad appears at the window behind your current browser window, in contrast to pop-up ads, which were much more obtrusive, appearing in front of your opened pages and windows. In this case popunders are much more delicate. They work like a coupon put at the bottom of your groceries pocket.

Why advertisers choose popunders?

Popunders usually cost a little more, but many researches show, that considering adequate targeting and relevant page it is a reasonable investment.

-You can design your page freely. You are not restricted by any format or size.

They work nice with retargeting.  For those, who are familiar with your brand, seeing popunders is not as annoying as for others, so your chances to win back your customers are higher.

Popunders are known for their ability to gain guaranteed traffic to your site quickly.

It is the last thing users see after closing windows and browser pages. It is very efficient according to psychology tests, the last thing they see remains in memory much better.

What about CONs?

Pop-under ads are not so good for mobile devices, and yet they are more annoying there.

People can disable popunders via their browser settings, sometimes browsers are  set to close new appearing windows automatically. Ad block is another reason for the ad not served.

-Because of the inglorious pop-up ads, popunders suffer from an intrusive cliché, and people tend to ignore and close them as soon as possible.

Banner Ads

Visiting almost every site, you will probably see at least one banner ad. They are just like billboards on the road, but on your digital highway. Their presence and importance for digital marketing is almost unquestionable.

Why would advertisers choose banner ads?

-They are extremely easy to work with! Instead of creating heavy popunder page, you are just up to make a little banner in different formats.

-They cost less than other formats.

-Banners work perfectly for increasing your brand awareness. It’s just the matter of fact, when someone is seeing your ad without paying attention to it, he will recognize your brand later and the more familiar the brand is for user – the more likely he’ll choose it.

-Banner ads are common and almost not intrusive. People are used to banners.

So what are the drawbacks?

-Resulting from the last positive point, the widespread banners can be easily ignored. There is special term – “banner blindness” which describes precisely the situation.

-Just like pop-unders, banners can be hidden by ad blocks.

-Sometimes people just click your banners occasionally, you pay more, but get nothing in return.

To make a good banner campaign, advertiser must choose right audience, and visually stimulating creatives, but don’t forget that the line is thin between being visible and being intrusive!

Well, as you can see, each of these formats is good, popunders will gain you more traffic quickly, they are versatile, and banners will work perfectly for brand awareness for less money. Nevertheless, they both share the same problem of being ignored or blocked. The results will also depend on how creative and relevant your ad is.

Keep in mind, that there is no perfect ad format yet, but, some of them can suit you more! Good luck!


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