Postback 2017

  July 20th and 21st, 2017 Seattle, Washington will hold the Postback 2017 where Adsterra team will have a pleasure to participate. The year 2017 can be called special just for the one event – Postback 2017. The convention will … Read More

Israel Mobile Traffic Event 2017

  The Israel Mobile Summit 2017 will be held on June 6-7. Don’t miss the opportunity to attend at the 7th annual mobile event of Israel, and simply put, it is the greatest mobile show in the city, attended by … Read More

Affiliate Summit East 2017 in New York

  Affiliate Summit East 2017 This summer from July 30th  to August 1st Adsterra will participate at Affiliate Summit East 2017 where more than 5,500 digital marketers from over 70 countries will gather at  New York Marriott Marquis for this … Read More

Self-Service Platform Release

  Good news for all media-buyers and direct advertisers! For those who need to promote their business, product or app. Welcome Adsterra brand new Self-Service Platform, or ! Adsterra Self-Service Platform (SSP) allows advertisers to launch, manage and analyze advertising … Read More

Advanced Targeting Options for Affiliate Campaigns

  While creating your affiliate campaign, the most tricky and important thing to implement – is targeting. Targeting is the best way to precise the audience you want to show ads. Here you should be as accurate as possible.  Delivering … Read More

How to boost your CPM?

How to boost your CPM?   When monetising your site, the first thing you should focus on is CPM rate. CPM rate is usually understood as profit for every ad display you serve, but actually CPM rate is more often … Read More

Adsterra Keyword Targeting Feature

  Is there any way to target the audience interested in exact product, brand or theme?The Keyword Targeting will help you to get new people to your website and convert them into buying customers. This feature allows you to reach the … Read More

Ways to Monetize Your Facebook Page Effectively

  Is it possible to imagine modern life without social media? Just a few years ago the answer would be yes – but now there’s no hiding from it. Facebook is one of the companies at the top of the … Read More

5 Tips For Win-Win Banner Advertising

  What is banner advertising? Banner advertising, also known as display advertising, is an online marketing method that uses banners to advertise products or services. A banner ad is an advertisement displayed on a website page. It is made of … Read More

Things you can do to increase your Click Through Rate

  Let’s talk about one important and exciting parameter for publishers: click-through rate (CTR). Tracking results and optimizing your website is a cyclic process, but the question is where to start. Combining Google AdSence practices and our experience, we suggest … Read More