Zero Tolerance For Illegal Traffic Sources


Dear partners! We’ve heard your concerns about the recent article by Check Point about malvertising scheme of a Master134 where our network was mentioned. We’d like to take a word.

To begin with, we would like to emphasize that we do not accept traffic from hacked/hijacked sites. We have zero tolerance for illegal traffic sources.

All publishers’ accounts that were mentioned in that article have been suspended.

Malware ads are prohibited in Adsterra Network and we have a monitor system that checks all campaigns and stops all suspicious activity.

However, the logs from the article demonstrate that those ads came from 3rd party networks which are hard to control. 3rd party ads served by other ad networks connected to our supply using RTB/XML protocols. We will contact the networks that were mentioned in that article and notify them of the problems discovered.

We will thoroughly check the information from the article and update our compliance policies and monitoring software accordingly.

Adsterra – is a well-known network with years of experience in the industry. We’re constantly upgrading our systems and policies to win your trust and we value your loyalty. Should you have any input regarding our services, please contact us at

Thank you very much,
Adsterra Team