How to monetize Adblock users

According to a recent 2020 PageFair Adblock Report, over 763M devices were blocking ads by the end of 2019. Mobile Adblock adoption has grown by 64% since December 2016.

These numbers might sound very depressing to the publishers and webmasters who make their income from website advertising. Sounds like it’s time to start looking for new ways of moneymaking. Or is it?

First off, what is AdBlock?

Adblock is a browser extension that allows users to prevent page elements, such as advertisements, from being displayed. One may ask: “How am I supposed to earn from advertisements if my users don’t see it?!”

Here are 4 ways to make money off AdBlock users:

Option 1

The first way is nice and smooth: be honest! Thank your website visitors for enjoying your content, explain that ads on your website support your living and content creation and kindly ask them to whitelist your website. You can add an instruction, so your users know how to do it. Here is a great example:

Option 2

The second option is pretty harsh: block access to all content for users who haven’t whitelisted your website. Note that this strategy will not work well for all sites, it might ruin your performance. This is how it looks like:

We do not recommend this method to everyone, but if you are sure that this will work for your audience, the Adsterra platform has this feature. Contact your Adsterra manager or Support, and we will enable it for you.

Option 3

Place direct links into your texts or on custom banners on your website. You can request direct links on your dashboard.

Option 4

Use the Adsterra in-house-developed Anti-Adblock solution. It helps to avoid blockers for 82% of Adblock-users. You can request the feature on your dashboard.

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