How to Monetize Blogspot Websites

Nowadays, you can create a website that generates profit even if you do not have any solid coding skills. One of the most popular services for site creation and hosting is

The service enables you to create a full-scale website, but the question is how to monetize it. So we have created a definitive guide on how to make your Blogspot website earn with Adsterra. Spoiler: it is VERY easy.

Adding Popunder ads:

Click ‘Theme’ → ‘Edit HTML’

After that, scroll down to the very end of the piece of code and place the Popunder code above the </body> tag

Don’t forget to click the orange Save Theme button!

Note that if you use more than one Popunder code on the same page, they may conflict with each other and lower your CPM.

Adding Web Push ads:

Click ‘Theme’ → ‘Edit HTML’
After that, place the code right after <head>
Don’t forget to click the orange Save Theme button!

Adding Display or Native banners:

Locate where you want to have a Display or Native banner in your code. We cannot advise the exact place since all layouts are different.
For example, let’s place a Native banner after ‘Report Abuse’ on the left sidebar.
Click ‘Theme’ → ‘Edit HTML’
Then find the piece of code for the ‘Report Abuse’ widget (use Ctrl+F for search) and paste the code right after this line
Don’t forget to click the orange Save Theme button!

We strongly recommend you to use one banner of each size per page for better performance.
If you need extra ad units of the same size, please contact Support.

That’s it. Now you are ready to earn with your Blogspot website!

If you don’t know where to get the Adsterra codes or if you have difficulties with setting up your Adsterra account, check out our full guide on starting with Adsterra.

For all the details about payment systems, minimum payouts and requrements, see the blogpost Adsterra for Publishers.

What content management systems do you use? Do you have other questions regarding website monetization? Let us know: