No matter the countries we all live are in quite troubled times. According to the poll, coronavirus consequences impact nearly 1 in 5 households experiencing a layoff or a reduction in work hours, that is, an inevitable income drop. New ways to earn money is now one of the hottest topics for the members of both offline and online communities.

We in Adsterra are always looking for silver linings. At these complicated times of constrained shutdown, Netflix binge-watching (catch up all the series and episodes you’ve missed out), Coursera binge learning (great for nerds) and global StayHome movement (yay to PJ) you’ve also got a chance to try a new way to earn money on internet ads without leaving your couch and, in particular, without even having your website. Sounds fantastic, right? It is a direct link solution.

What is the direct link?

Direct link is an URL that leads the user to all the variety of advertisers’ landings. You may also know as “smart link” — no difference, just two names for one thing.

When a user clicks on the link, Adsterra’s ad rotator classifies the traffic and sends it to the relevant landing page. The mechanics behind it are the same one used for other monetization options, but since its a link, we naturally skip creatives selection, and the process of delivering user to advertiser’s page goes faster — and faster you earn.

The pros are the following:

    • you don’t need to have a website to place ads
    • its super-easy to get
    • super-easy to set
    • very simple yet representative metrics and stats data (no need to dig into GA!)

Where it’s better to place a direct link?

1. If you don’t have your site, feel free to place a direct link in your posts at social networks, for instance, your popular Facebook personal page or group. Edit the post, pin the link to the top and it’s done!
  • Write about hot topics and use images and video contact to attract attention to this post
  • If you are using Facebook Ad Manager, you can add our direct link to buttons and video player
2. Making great visual content? Place a direct link at bio in your Instagram profile, or into the post caption.
  • You may also use link services to put several links in your profile
3. Hang out on forums? Put the direct link into your signature, write posts and comments and make direct link work for you as a source of passive income
  • Be creative with your signature, use emoji, gifs and interesting phrases to attract attention
4. Literary anywhere at your site (if you have one). 
  • To make the most better chose someplace with high CTR: call to action buttons, video, and other interactive elements

How to get Adsterra direct link?

Sign up as a publisher. If you don’t have the site, instead of the site address simply enter your Adsterra login.  At the tab on the left click on Websites, choose “Add new website”, enter your website address, chose “Direct link”.  

If you don’t have the site, just enter your Adsterra login again. You may also rent a domain specifically for monetization purposes and use it for direct link purposes.

After it at the same Websites tab find your “Site”, click on “All codes”, then “Get the code” and copy your direct link. Place it wherever you’ve planned to and enjoy the numbers.

How to check the numbers?

You can get a detailed report on your earnings at the Statistics tab on the left. Just set the date, select either website (if you have one) or your login( if you don’t`) in the field Domain.  
Here you have two vital metrics:

  • CTR shows the interrelation of clicks and impressions. As higher CTR is, as more effective the link is
  • Revenue — the amount of your earnings

Tips and insights to boost earnings from direct link

✔️ If you are going to monetize your Facebook traffic, make sure your direct link text, creatives and direct link settings compliant with Facebook ad policy, be especially inspective with it; otherwise, your FB account might be banned

✔️ Exclude campaigns that don’t fit your traffic using direct link settings at your Adsterra account. Click on the Websites at the left grey tab, find the one you need, click on Edit and use “Remove campaigns with” option 

✔️ Be creative! Use unique text and creatives – images, videos, gifs, etc. Even if you saw some creative material is working well enough for your competitor, it will become outdated pretty fast

✔️ Test various link locations and creatives and keep an eye on your CTR during it. High CTR = Great performance = More money. That’s basically the key to success.

✔️ If you are a media buyer, to use direct links create the most neutral landing page for instance with a few buttons which text would both help you to do the audience segmentation( for example, by gender, age or interest), so relevant users will be sent to suitable offers. If you don’t work with us yet, sign up as a publisher to start buying traffic.

Main DON’Ts for monetizing Facebook traffic (bonus track)

You are just about ready, but before you start, we have the juiciest part left. To avoid bans and let your Facebook direct link campaign to live long and you — prosper, pay attention to those above:

  • Avoid copyright violation at any form, inappropriate materials for a thumbnail (sex, nudity, racism, sexism, erotic hints etc.)
  • Don’t use multiple Facebook accounts (that is, accounts which have the same IP, fingerprints, payment details, domains, creatives, device’s MAC address)
  • Your IP, device, country your payment card was issued in should belong to the same time zone. 
  • Your device language should be the same as the language you used for registration
  • Be careful using a proxy, better chose various IPs of the same country
  • Don’t’ create a business account right after registration and start buying ads, work on your personal page first
  • Don’t try to work with Ad Manager/direct link/any kind ads from FB account which is freshly registered or has no history (friends, posts, chats, photos, etc.)
  • Make sure you have other Facebook products installed on your phone (Instagram, Whatsapp)
  • Don’t log out or switch Facebook accounts on the phone right after launching an ad campaign
  • Don’t log in only from desktop – Facebook finds such behavior suspicious

Well, NOW you are all set and ready to try it out!