What is fake traffic? 

What is fake traffic? 


This time we have decided to touch on of the most important problems in website traffic increasing – Fake Traffic.

Fake Traffic is the traffic generated by bots or some kind of software or application; fake traffic has nothing in common with real human visiting a site. This traffic is usually brought from third party providers and is used to artificially increase site value to monetize it better or to put it for sale for a higher price. But the amount of traffic artificially generated to a site is not as valuable as real traffic, if not to say not valuable at all. The fake one will never be compared to the real at these most important measures:

  • The long-term stability of the traffic. Stable traffic is a guarantee that your site is trusted and used by people.
  • The ability to monetize the traffic. Fake traffic won’t bring new customers for advertisers, and so won’t bring anything to a publisher.
  • The GEO location of the traffic. Usually fake traffic is worldwide and chaotic, and it can interfere with your statistics and harm it, if you run a local based site.
  • The source of the traffic. Real traffic comes through many ways, like search engines, referral links, paid traffic, but the fake traffic is usually concentrated from one source, like direct or referral.

Fake traffic can be spotted, for example using Google Analytics, such metrics as high bounce rate, extremely short page sessions, and unreasonable high number of new sessions – can reveal fake traffic. There are also more powerful technical software to detect fake traffic, usually used by ad networks.

What are real drawbacks and why shouldn’t anyone use such simulations?

  • Fake traffic decreases your positions in search engine.
  • Get your site banned by Google.
  • Ad networks will also ban the site. Imagine advertisers who buy media space without getting any real impressions, clicks and customers – That’s ridiculous!
  • Affect your business reputation and integrity. If it is known that your site has the fake traffic, your partners would think twice to work with you, even if you assure them that you don’t have it anymore. Confidence is hard to regain.

As you can see, the universal rules work here as well – unfair actions lead to unfair results.

        Adsterra is absolutely against using fake traffic. Let’s make the internet a better place together!