Advertiser’s Guide To Social Bar

It’s getting harder and harder to get users’ attention to the ads. The lastest industry invention was In-Page Push, which is, in a way, an evolution of web push notifications caused by continuous Chrome updates. We at Adsterra decided not to merely follow the trends, but to add a hitch of our brilliant ideas.

Our team came up with a concept of the most engaging ad format — Social Bar. Here’s how it works: there’s one code on a publisher’s website, and the AI-powered algorithm chooses from 5 different ad types. Social Bar has already shown a 30x CTR on our clients’ campaigns samples (A/B tests vs Web Push ads). Well, it’s about time to revolutionize your advertising strategy 🚀

Social Bar comes with 5 highly engaging ad types:

In-Page Push

It looks like a native feed notification or a web push, though it’s placed directly on the publisher’s website, not sent from a browser. 
A true hit of 2020, this format is fully customizable. You can tune its size, color palette, and CTAs to reach the peak results.

Chat Bar

A revolutionary ad format engages users into a chat before sending them to the advertiser’s offer page.
Thanks to the direct resemblance to a real chat, alluring creatives, and chat conversation scenarios, it’s top-level native and provides impressive CR.

Custom Banner

Armed with HTML/CSS, this format is bound to increase conversions. You can make it as interactive as you wish by adding animated pictures, carousel-like elements, time counters, etc.
Custom Banner is free from “ad blindness,” but remains not intrusive.

Video Bar

With Video Bar, you are empowered to advertise your offers in the most captivating way. Movies or game trailers, commercial teasers, short pre-rolls are perfect to attract users in 2020.

A short video is provided with the CTA button to lead a user to the offer’s page. 

Survey Bar

Another top-notch ad format engages users into a small survey before sending them to the advertisers’ offer page.
There’s a two-fold benefit for advertisers here. First, you engage the audience into action; second, you filter the responses and collect data.

What Social Bar campaigns to launch first

The best advertising strategy would be getting in touch with your manager or support team in a live chat on your dashboard and check up with the latest updates. Our managers are always ready to bring a fresh spin to your advertising strategy and make it more profitable.

Top traffic sources by GEOs:

Tier 1:  🇺🇸US, 🇬🇧GB, 🇩🇪DE, 🇨🇦CA

Tier 2:  🇮🇳IN, 🇧🇷BR, 🇫🇷FR, 🇮🇩ID

Verticals we recommend:

Soft, Utilities, Add-Ons 📲⚙️
Datings 🍓💞
Gambling & Betting ♠️🎰
Binary & Forex 📈💶

Let's talk numbers: how much profit Social Bar brings

🌿 Utra-native ads lead up to 20-30x CTR growth compared to Web Push.
📱 All devices, browsers, OS, iOS traffic included as opposed to Web Push.
🦹‍♂️ 20+ advanced targeting options, including OS version, browser version, mobile carrier, IP range.
♻️ A/B testing for up to 15 creatives at a time to choose the best performing.
👀 Great reach and 100% traffic volume; AdBlock won’t hide Social Bar formats.
🎨Full customization: eye-catching creatives, animation, and interactive elements.
🧬 AI algorithm assures that users see the most relevant ads, providing top CR.
🙌 No user subscription required, ads work with banner logic.

How to launch a Social Bar campaign

Tips on creatives

We are glad to help you out and find the proper creative in our own base. We’ve created it using the test results, so you can be sure of its conversion potential. In case you want to make your own creatives:

    • note that proportions are similar to Web Push
    • get title, description, icon ready
    • don’t use aggressive creatives as the ad is exceptionally native

“Create campaign” walkthrough

There are two ways to launch the Social Bar campaign. One is for Adsterra clients with fully managed services. The other is for our Self-Serve Platform users.

Launch Social Bar campaign
Launch Social Bar campaign on Adsterra SSP

1. On your Self-Serve Platform, you can create and launch an In-Page Push campaign. After the registration, choose Create Campaign. Then find the AdUnit category and pick Social Bar. You’ll be offered to add creatives, headings, and descriptions for the In-Push ads.

If you need to try Custom Banner, Video Bar, or any other format, get in touch with our managers in the live chat.

2. If your campaigns at Adsterra are fully managed, then contact your dedicated manager to get the full access to Social Bar.

Take chance to be among the first who skims the cream off this advertising innovation.
Let your creativity and imagination flow, just as your profits!