5 Tips For Win-Win Banner Advertising

What is banner advertising? Banner advertising, also known as display advertising, is an online marketing method that uses banners to advertise products or services.

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Things you can do to increase your Click Through Rate

Let’s talk about one important and exciting parameter for publishers: click-through rate (CTR). Tracking results and optimizing your website is a cyclic process, but the question is where to...

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Ad formats: how to choose the most suitable?

If you have decided to dedicate a budget for your ad campaigns, it’s totally worth it to develop, at least, a basic understanding of various display ad formats. Choosing between various...

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What is discrepancy and how to deal with it

Traffic monetization using data driven insights helps website owners and affiliates succeed online. But is the data always accurate? What if there’s a discrepancy? And how do you define...

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How to avoid clicks made by accident?

This is a message to everyone who is paying for ads with a lot of clicks, but still experiencing sales going down the tubes. Have you ever thought if your ads are reaching your audience?...

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5 Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic

Every website owner or company marketer wants to increase their traffic, because it influences your profit. For the first audience the most important is website traffic monetization, meanwhile the...

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Retargeting: What Is It and How to Use It

What is retargeting? Simply put, retargeting is an ad technology that involves a little piece of code, a good strategy, and ads.

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Adsterra API v3

I am happy to share with you great news! We have upgraded Adsterra API to v3. But before I talk about new functionalities, first, I want to give a brief understanding of what API is, and how it...

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Optimizing your website for mobile ads

Once the web went to mobile devices, SEO experts, designers, and search engine algorithms as well as digital marketers finally knew the dominance of the mobile net.

UX goes further than just...

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4 Ways to Monetize Your Website Effectively

If your website has a good traffic flow, it’s only logical to earn some money off that. Let’s look at the top 4 ways to monetize your website and go over the big players in the field. These...

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