Zero Tolerance For Illegal Traffic Sources

Dear partners! We've heard your concerns about the recent article by Check Point about malvertising scheme of a Master134 where our network was mentioned. We'd like to take a word.

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Self-Service Platform insider hot offers

Adsterra wants to honor those who prefer to be behind the wheel! We think that all you need to master Self-Service Platform is a little encouragement and success of the first SSP campaign.

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Adsterra launches new ad format: push notifications

Adsterra keeps pace with the evolution of digital marketing industry and new regulation policies. So welcome our brand new ad format – browser push notifications! 

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Chrome 64 Update - Get Ready with Adsterra!

As you may know, new Google Chrome 64 version with the new ad block feature comes on January 23. All sites using so-called “intrusive ads” will be restricted from opening new windows and/or...

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Keep on top of our special monthly CPM offers

As you know, it’s our job as an affiliate partner to monitor that offers would convert the most profitable way for both sides. We’ve decided to reveal a few secret ingredients for the best...

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How to use right metrics and stop loosing money?

 You can feel safe about your monetization when you've put the right content on the right platforms, but maximising profit requires more detailed analytics - which is highly ineffective if you use...

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Whitelists, Carrier targeting, SSP guide and other SSP updates.

Recently we have launched our first Self-Service Platform, but it didn’t take long to upgrade it with new amazing features.  Let’s take a look at them!

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What is rtb and how can YOU profit from it?

Nowadays, RTB is one of the leading trends in online advertising and media buying, let's find out why it is so popular and how can Adsterra help you to succeed with RTB. 

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Dear Partners,

Thank you for the amazing and successful year!

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FREE Networking Plus Passes to Affiliate Summit East!

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