Things you can do to increase your Click Through Rate

Let’s talk about one important and exciting parameter for publishers: click-through rate (CTR). Tracking results and optimizing your website is a cyclic process, but the question is where to start. Combining Google AdSence practices and our experience, we suggest you try a few proven methods that are going to blow your CTR.

Integrate ad units with quality design and content

The AdSense advises: publishers who want to grow their ad revenue should push their ads into the center of the page. On the other hand, normal setup is to isolate the ads to the edges of the page, which actually makes them so much easier to ignore. Since AdSense pays you based on your performance, you need to ensure that your ads are viewed by your users.

Placing ads close to the navigation bar or within the article content can also help. The main idea is to balance between the user’s comfort and aggressive ad experience.

Use 728x90 leaderboard

Leaderboard is a visible ad unit that attracts users` attention and increases your CTR. According to statistics, it performs quite well, especially above or below post titles.

Although a lot of webpages don`t even have the ability to accommodate a 728px wide ad. This is an enormous mistake, which is easy enough to change, so don`t hesitate to try this ad unit.

Post content that has commercial intent

A post that actually has commercial intent, such as a product review, will have a higher CTR due to the fact that users are looking for information about the product they want to purchase. If you place an ad in the middle of your content, it will probably get clicked.

On the other hand, if such an ad is placed in the post that doesn`t have commercial intent, like funny pictures, celebrity gossip, or general news, it won`t be so effective. This audience isn`t ready to purchase products, and it doesn’t matter how optimized it is.

So, have look at your post from the user’s viewpoint and ask yourself if you are interested in clicking on that ad.

Increasing your ad density

The number of ads that you have on a page will directly impact your CTR. Having too many ads can actually distract your users and even lead them to abandon the webpage, while having too few ads will cause them to go unnoticed.

Being a publisher means that you need to balance the ads on the sidebar, header, and footer (structural ads), as well as ads within the content.

Placing ads based on their length (which can change across various pages) can lead to optimal use of your site real estate and more clicks. Be sure to test the variety of combinations that will match your webpage vertical dimension the best.

Create and then run various ad setups

This is a very valuable tip that will help you analyze your current ad performance and get high results. 

  1. You can use different combination of placements and see if they are effective enough to attract users. If you understand that you need to boost the performance, change the combination by adding new formats.
  2. Try A/B testing for new and returned users. You can have an aggressive ad setup for newbies, especially if you have a high bounce rate, and softer one for users who re-entered your webpage. Then, analyze the results and make changes if necessary.

Click-through rate is a dynamic metric that you should check up on periodically and make changes as soon as possible if it is decreasing. We advise you to follow the trends and keep an eye on your webpage users` behavior.

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Written by Megan Stones

Megan Stones

Hi, my name is Megan and I am working in Adsterra Publishers Department. I am responsible for supporting publishers from all over the world, managing and developing effective relationships with them. I am always aware of what is going on, and I am available to help my clients 24/7. It’s great to see people I support reach their financial goals through our cooperation. I am very proud to be a part of such a successful team as Adsterra, where I can help people and develop my skills and knowledge.

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