How to Get Traffic That Is Guaranteed to Convert

Getting traffic to your website is a great start, but to survive, you need the right kind of traffic

If you run any kind of eCommerce website, you’ll understand the value of traffic which converts. It’s obvious that this is the sort of traffic which you want to increase, yet a surprising number of businesses are not doing enough on this front. So, here’s our guide.

1. Realise That “How to Get Traffic” Is Not The Right Way of Thinking

Wondering how to get traffic won’t help your website much. After all, getting traffic is fairly easy. If you use ads to trick web users or push enough dodgy ads down people’s throats, people will flock to your website. However, once they realise that they have been hoodwinked in some way, they’ll soon leave.

Having a huge surge of traffic which immediately leaves because of the way in which they were misdirected towards your website is worse than useless. All this traffic does is increase your bounce rate — a percentage figure of the number of people who go to one page of your site, do nothing, and leave.

A high bounce rate is a red flag for Google, though it doesn’t necessarily punish it. A dictionary website, for example, will have a high bounce rate because of the number of people going to the web page to find the definition of a word before immediately leaving. However, if your website has a high bounce rate because of spammy traffic, Google will find out and, in turn, will punish you.

In short, you don’t just want any traffic. You want the sort of relevant traffic which has commercial intent behind it. You want traffic which, even if it doesn’t buy today, will likely buy somewhere down the line.

2. Figure Out Where You Current Converting Traffic Is Coming From

You’ll have no hope of getting more converting traffic if you don’t know where your current source of converting traffic is. What sort of person buys from you? Where are they from? What time of day do people buy from you? What day of the week? What week of the year?

You need to know all of this, and free tools like Google Analytics can help you. Yet, that doesn’t by extension mean that you need to use Google AdWords to help generate traffic. There are other ways in which you can capitalise on the knowledge you have of your traffic stream.

3. Ask an Affiliate Marketing How to Get Traffic 

They will answer by telling you to sign up to their network. Before you do that, though, be sure that they are a reliable, safe, experienced ad network. What’s more, insist on only paying for results. Any ad network worth its salt will allow you to pay per thousand impressions, per click, per lead, or per acquisition because it stands by the work it does. At Adsterra, we do exactly that, because we know how to get traffic that will convert for your website.

Whatever ad network you choose to use, also be sure that they can guarantee traffic made up of your target audience. That’s not just traffic from the right country, but converting traffic from the right location at the right time, too.

4. Use Lead Generation Alongside Conversion Rate Optimisation

Some imagine that lead generation and conversion rate optimisation are two wildly different techniques, but they really aren’t. They complement each other perfectly and any eCommerce website that wants to make money should be using a bit of both.

Conversion rate optimisation is all about helping customers to buy as much as possible once the right kind of traffic has been directed to your website. Knowing how to get traffic using lead generation as well means that any user who doesn’t want to convert straight away will likely end up converting later.

Netflix knows precisely how to get this sort of traffic. Its success is based on a genius combination of conversion rate optimisation, lead generation and affiliate marketing. A Netflix banner ad advertising a month’s free trial might not convert there and then, but Netflix is willing to play the long game. Eventually, the offer of a free trial becomes too hard to reject. If you go to Netflix’s website, it makes signing up for this free trial brainless.

So what happens after the month’s free trial? All that money spent on affiliate marketing, conversion optimisation and lead generation hardly goes to waste, with one third of people signing up to a free trial staying on afterwards anyway.

Netflix is a perfect example of a model which flourishes under a pay per lead ad campaign. Knowing how to get traffic like Netflix does is a great way to make sure you get the most out of your affiliate ad campaign.


At Adsterra, we know how to get the right kind of traffic surging towards your website. Sign up to our affiliate ad network and get better conversions today!

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